Our Services

Wind Energy

ADE partners with a European firm specializing in Wind Farms worldwide. We purchase the property and joint venture with our partners to provide wind energy to various offtakers providing reduced power costs while not experiencing out of pocket costs.

Waste to Energy

ADE provides design and construction for facilities to thermally destruct Medical and Municipal Waste in an environmentally friendly process. This provides green power for municipalities and private industry electrical needs. ADE will own and operate these facilities giving clients reduced price power for their operations.

Energy Management Services

ADE provides engineering services to analyze energy use and provide solutions such as monitoring electrical usage on HVAC systems, lighting and time of use. ADE provides the equipment and operates and maintains for the life of a contract. This service reduces power costs while allowing customers to use capital for other requirements.

Solar Energy

ADE is providing design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance and financing for Photovoltaic arrays on rooftops, ground mounts or carport mounted systems. We install systems for a variety of customers, such as schools, commercial facilities, mobil home parks and municipalities As system owners we also meter power usage and handle billing and collections giving customers reduced electrical costs with no out of pocket capital contributions.

Electric Vehicle Charging

ADE provides design, engineering, installation and financing for EV charging stations for Schools, Shopping Centers and other commercial sites. We own and operate charging stations or lease to customers giving them EV charging at reduced prices.

Energy Storage

ADE designs and installs energy storage systems using the latest battery and flywheel technologies for many of our solar customers. This generally reduces demand charges which sometimes is a major portion of their electrical bills.