Mobile Home Park

Neil Zoller, President of American Diversified Energy announced they have begun design and engineering for Park Encinitas Mobil Home Park to provide solar power and electric vehicle charging stations in their community located in Encinitas California

Park Encinitas caters to a higher end Mobil Home clientele that have come to expect resort like services and amenities.  These home owners enjoy the Southern California beach area and nearby amenities. New electric, gas, water and sewer utilities are being installed with completion by the end of this year.

The mobile homes in Park Encinitas are valued up to 1 million dollars.

Mike Jones, Vice President of Engineering, stated that American Diversified will, “install tall, solar carports whereby the autos and RV vehicles can now be sheltered.  The new solar carports will be fed into the resorts main electric panel which will offset most of the resorts new energy requirements.  Phase one of the solar installation is planned for July 2018.”

This is just the first of many potential projects with American Diversified Energy in the future.