Julio Macedo

Chairman and CEO

Julio G. Macedo has managed and raised over $5 million for four different private placement clean energy offerings in geothermal, solar and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Mr. Macedo has over 35 years of experience in high level executive positions and has sat on numerous board of directors spearheading planned project developments ranging from the ground up to re-developing exiting projects. Prior to 2012, Mr. Macedo was the Managing Principal of Macedo Partners, a private real estate investment entity for commercial real estate properties, where he has managed a real estate portfolio of over $15 million. Mr. Macedo served the President of Saguaro Diversified Projects, an affiliate of Genstar Pacific Investments, Ltd. where he received a $60 million investment from Genstar to build 10 community shopping centers, he successfully managed the fund, completing all shopping centers within a 4 year period. There Mr. Macedo was actively involved in the re-zoning of land parcels, applying for conditional use permits (CUP), hiring the necessary engineering and architectural consultants, and presenting at public hearings. While a Project Director of Real Estate at Lusk & Son and a General Manager at Ernest W. Hahn, Mr. Macedo re-developed three major regional malls all over 700,000 Sq. Ft. He is presently on the Board of Directors at Western Developments and Cantamar Housing, both low income housing non-profit organizations. He is the past President of both organizations. In addition, he is a Veteran of the US Army.