Michael Jones

Vice President

Michael Jones, a renewable energy developer and utility consultant, comes from the electric utility industry with over 33 years of experience working at Southern California Edison. Mike has an extensive background in renewable energy development, power contracts, utility finance, risk management, and regulatory compliance. With wide-ranging knowledge of both regulated and deregulated energy markets, Mr. Jones has the ability to communicate a transparent energy development strategy to his clients.

Mr. Jones’ experience includes the development of numerous substation, distribution and renewable energy systems and brings decades of experience in engineering, constructing, operating and maintaining one of the largest, most reliable electric utility systems in the country serving over five million customers in Southern California.

Companies which have relied on Mr. Jones’ skill include, NtowS Engineering, Shorebreak Energy Developers, Green Island Power, Pacific Energy Storage Group and BC Solar.

Freestyle Energy is in the process of becoming a California certified minority-owned business and maintains Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance.